HEMPPET Hemp Oil Dog Conditioner 250ml

HEMPPET Hemp Oil Dog Conditioner 250ml

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Hemp Pet’s Hemp Oil Dog Shampoo and Hemp Oil Dog Conditioner are designed to be part of HEMPOLISTIC’s approach to pet care.

Hemp Dog Shampoo and Hemp Dog Conditioner work best with each other. They are natural and suitable for all skin types. Made in Australia, it has all the benefits of hemp oil.

Our formula is free of parabens and silicones, leaving no harmful residues that can dry out your dog's fur.

Our products help you rejuvenate by moisturizing your dog's skin, making it feel fresher and smoother. They also have a pleasant smell, which eliminates the bacteria that cause hair odor and restores its luster.

The result is a healthy-looking and super cute dog that smells very good!