PETKIT EVERSWEET 2 Water Fountain Cleaning Kit
PETKIT EVERSWEET 2 Water Fountain Cleaning Kit

PETKIT EVERSWEET 2 Water Fountain Cleaning Kit

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EVERSWEET 2 Cleaning Kit Works with PETKIT Pet Fountains, as well as other water fountains, bowls, dishes and is easy to use.

The Cleaning Kit is made of high-quality material and prevents rusting, It comes at a very competitive price.

This helps to withstand wear, pressure, or damage and hard-wearing making it durable.

To begin with, It has deep cleaning efficiency which reaches to deep problems that your sponge can not get to and is considered highly productive.

Besides, the cleaning kit keeps your fountain operating smooth and ensures its performance remains consistent.

As you can agree with, normal sponge cleaning is not always effective. Making use of Cleaning Kit becomes an efficient way of handling your product’s longevity.

EVERSWEET 2 Cleaning Kit is extremely efficient and is an in-demand product that you can't miss.

To mention, the brush is made of nylon and PP.

​Thus making it work with wide ranges of dishes, bowls, and water fountains.

The cleaning process is easier and a lot more efficient and a lightweight cleaning kit makes your task easier.

The cleaning kit makes your cleaning task a joy and easy to use and a lightweight,

All of the products sold by PetPlanetGroup are highly economical and great value for your money.



PP and Nylon, Polyether Polyol and Polymer Polyol
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