PETKIT Meow Planet Balls

PETKIT Meow Planet Balls

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Keep your cats mentally and physically stimulated with the PETKIT Meow Planet Replacement Balls for the Fun Cat Playground 4 in 1 Set. Let the good times roll with these colorful toy balls that will make each day more fun and exciting for the kitty.
Our PETKIT Meow Planet Replacement Balls will keep your cat alert and engaged during playtime. Made with high-quality plastic, these ball toys can withstand heavy scratching, biting, and chewing. It’s a great investment for pet owners with active and playful cats.
Play isn’t a luxury for cats – it’s a necessity. It’s a way for them to release energy, get enough exercise, and keep their hunting skills sharp. These PETKIT Meow Planet Replacement Balls will unleash the fluffy predator in your cat by mimicking the movements and sounds of small prey in the wild.
The Bell Ball in Dynamic Orange comes in a fiery color that is impossible for cats to miss. It comes with a tiny bell that makes noises as the ball rolls around, daring cats to pounce and give chase.
The Catnip Ball in Green releases an enticing aroma that will make cats go crazy. Watch your kitty follow this ball around as it emits that catnip scent they enjoy so much.
Made for the Fun Cat Playground 4 in 1 Set, the PETKIT Meow Planet Balls can be used separately or as replacements to keep your scratcher toy looking brand new.


3 balls per set

Net weight: 50g